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Messages from the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

Personal Message:

The AAEV is the only registered political party in Canada that can actively speak out on animal and environmental issues;  that can effectively reflect the growing concern and outrage of Canadians across Canada with the way animals are treated in this country.  

A situation that has not  been addressed by the former Canadian Government, former Prime Ministers and those prior  Members of Parliament whose salaries are dependent solely on the taxpayers of Canada.

International eyes continue to focus on the dismal and antiquated standards of animal care and protection in Canada.  Canada’s ongoing negative record continues. 

Positive change is needed, positive action needs to be taken. 

Please use your vote to support a Candidate that will take positive steps to effect strict animal and environmental protection legislation in Canada. 

AAEV Ad against Seal Hunt

 AAEV Ad on Factory Farming

In Contrast

One need only look on Face Book or search the Internet to learn exactly what is going on in this Federal Election.  Countless reporters are conducting their own interviews with each candidate, getting a feel for the mood of not only candidates but the Canadian Public.  The media is in frenzy as Candidates tap into the thousands, millions of taxpayer dollars, to travel cross country, to advertise via the media, grab the photo ops and to promote their own party platforms and unfortunately what may be seen as one leaders personal  agenda (power, control, power).

Fortunately a relatively new party, the AAEV  prefers to utilize more subtle methods of reaching the electorate, via education and awareness:  by speaking out on the issues that other candidates ignore, and the AAEV is doing so without spending, spending, spending….

Some parties chose to make seemingly impossible grand  promises (those of Mr. Harper’s) which one must be reminded will not come to full fruition until such time as the Canadian deficit (Billions) is eliminated.  It must  be remembered that this deficit was accomplished during his tenure as Prime Minister and he plans to cut $11 Billion from our current Health Care to help wipe out his deficit. We have of course all witnessed  the  candidates bashing each other in front of the cameras for National Television, (televised debates).  Great entertainment when you have nothing better to do with your time.

Conservative strong arm tactics and scandals are well known…then and now.  The list is lengthy. This latest piece is now circulating.

Psychopathology in Canadian Politics: Stephen Harper’s Ruthless Drive for Power

Most certainly we all have a choice, we can exercise our Democracy and our God given right to vote in this election.

Do we vote to retain our Democracy and Inherent Rights, our Freedom of Speech, to keep Big Brother out of our bedrooms?  Do we vote to ensure that future generations will have those same privileges? Do we vote to eliminate strong arm tactics and manipulations?   Do we vote to ensure that Canada will remain Canadian?  Do we want to protect our Environment passing the legacy onto future generations?  Do we want a country free of scandal? Do we want to feel proud again?

Of course we all want that.  We all want our government to reflect the values of each and every Canadian across this vast and beautiful land.  We want our leaders to listen to us, the Canadian People, we do not want continued  deception, scandal and propaganda. We do not want  Big Business to always get the major large tax breaks, we want those tax breaks to go to those who truly need it, the Poor, the Lower and Middle Income families and Seniors.  We do not want our social and healthcare programs cut, nor do we want them privatized.  We do not want our established Charities to loose their charitable status should they speak out against government policy.   We do not want our tax dollars supporting personal agendas and a personal quest for power or the stroking of an ego.  We do not want our tax dollars spent with abandon (G8 Summit) (Millions spent overseas to lift the EU ban on the seal hunt).  Better to spend that money on improvements to our healthcare, education system, the elimination of Green House Gas Emissions and developing alternative energy.

“The Animal Alliance Environment Voters party (AAEV) seeks to elect candidates who will fight for effective animal and environmental protection policies. In this election, however, AAEV’s candidates are campaigning for something more crucial to the Canadian way of life: a government that respects the rule of law, the principles of democracy and the values of most Canadians. ”  (excerpt from post article below).

National Post Animal Alliance Environment Voters op-ed‏

Have your say on May 2, 2011, exercise your right to vote. 

Living with Deception: The Conservative Way

“Approved by the official agent for Bonnie Dawson.”

Living with Deception: The Conservative Way

Many across this vast and beautiful land we know to be our home, Canada, have yet to witness the brutality, not only inflicted on all living creatures here through acts of Criminal neglect and cruelty, but as well through the destruction of habitat so essential to all forms of life.

Canada’s dismal record on protecting the environment is known around the world and Canada continues to ignore World Leaders who pose these criticisms against our country.  It is the people of Canada who are suffering the effects of the continued failure of our leaders to effectively address these issues and to take measures to ensure the health and quality of life Canadians have enjoyed for decades.

As evidenced in the links below:  it would appear that the primary focus is placed on the $$ sign and the millions of taxpayers hard earned cash used to continue spewing out propaganda to support the lack of action on the part of government and their support of big business.

Would you want to live in Fort Chip and expose your children to this?

First Nations pay the price for John Duncan’s lobbying scandal, Posted on March 18, 2011

PRESS RELEASE,March 18, 2011

Former Harper advisor had deal with escort for First Nations water contracts: document

Canada is well known for the extreme cruelty that remains unchecked in the Factory Farm Animal industry, how Canadian law fails to protect these animals not only in these farms but also while these animals are en route to slaughter houses across the nation.

No one wants to hear about it, or to see the documentaries and videos of evidence.  Why?  Is it because it is to painful?  Is it because one does not wish to know just how that bacon actually arrived on your breakfast plate?

Or why that tender slice of veal is so tender?  Or are there actually too many Canadians that do not care?  Hopefully that is not the case, evidently it is not the case, because more and more Canadians have chosen to do their research and are speaking out.  More and more Animal Welfare Groups are forming.

If you dare, view these videos, if you wish to learn..view these videos… Some of the videos below were produced in the US, but don’t think it cannot possibly be happening here in Canada as well.  At least the US is doing something about it?  Will Canada?????

Factory Farming: Cruelty to Animals

Downed Cow

Canada: No Country for Animals

Review: Death On A Factory Farm

Sexual Deviance and Sexual Abuse of Animals: Factory Farming’s Dirty Little Secret
No one deserves to die this way, human or animal.  Please speak out and support the call being made to our government to be far more discriminating in the way tax payer’s money is handed out.
Urge our government to carry out inspections of such pig farms to ensure safety measures are in place PRIOR to handing out their cheques!!!

No longer can Canadians continue to stick their heads in the sand.  No longer can Canadians allow their government to ignore what Canada is so highly criticized for…be it on the antiquated Federal Laws pertaining to animals in this country or the continued failure to control Greenhouse Emissions, to end the destruction of natural habitat (which includes our fresh water resources).  No longer can Canadians ignore the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted fighting the EU ban on the barbaric seal hunt, the deplorable spending of our tax dollars focused in presenting Mr. Harper’s case to the WTO in an attempt to convince them to lift the EU ban.

Canadians cannot ignore the millions wasted on the G8 Summit, money that should have been directed to improved health care, education, women’s shelters, ever increasing hydro and fuel costs, issues dealing with the needs of seniors….the list goes on and on…..remember that according to Mr. Harper himself, until the elimination of the deficit which grew and grew under his own administration all of his campaign promises will not come to fruition.  This online petition circulating is drawing thousands of signatures and is provided for information purposes.  Whether you choose to sign it is a personal choice.

Harper’s G8-Gate: Demand the Truth (petition)

Only recently the Chinese Government whom Mr Harper struck his deal with to accept Canadian Seal Products, saw the Chinese people launch their own protest against the import of these products. China is well known for human rights abuses, as well as having a deplorable international reputation for their importing of ivory, bear bladders, tiger parts, ( thereby supporting illegal poaching).  Mr Harper continues to allow Canada to import from China  dog and cat fur despite the outcry to put an end to this.  Where do you think the real fur used to make cute little puppy and kitten toys comes from.  You may be wearing dog or cat fur unknowingly on that beautiful sweater or coat.  China does not kill these animals humanely, often they are skinned alive left to suffer hours of excruciating pain before they finally succumb to shock and die.

With the Election looming over Canadian heads yet again, thanks to the Contempt of Parliament charges brought against the Harper government, one has a great deal to think about.

The future of all Canadians, not just the human population, but the populations of our diverse wildlife, of which we are so proud of is at risk.  Habitat and natural resources, our rivers, parks, lands, our quality of life is at risk, unless we speak loudly and strongly….what will be left to future generations?

Conservative strong arm tactics cannot and should not continue to be tolerated.  The post below is circulating and is for your information only:  it represents just one of the many control tactics used by Harper’s team.     

As Liz White, Leader of the AAEV has so eloquently pointed out, it is not just about the Environment and Animal Issues that the Animal Alliance Environment Voters is concerned about.  It is the Democratic Process, the ability to voice concerns, it is having an accountable, transparent and open Federal Leadership and a Leadership that will actually listen.

More and more Canadians are rallying their courage and determination to make change happen in this country.  Will you be one of them?  Others are!

We all have a choice.  Please exercise yours.

Campaign Message – Personal Thank you

by Bonnie Dawson

For all of you who have offered your sincere best wishes and congratulations to me. … Thank you so very much.  The support coming in from all over Canada is truly amazing.

Many of you have followed my almost four year battle for a Comprehensive Animal Protection Act here in the Northwest Territory, your support during that difficult time was invaluable. I won a Victory, the new Dog Act, the First Step towards the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act needed in the NT.

I plan to carry that same commitment and passion in this Election and will never give up the fight for the Animals and the Environment,  regardless of the Election outcome.

Please take a look at our Party’s latest campaign message.

Campaigning, is wow, hectic.  Lots of media interviews, phone calls and emails to respond to.

CBC:  Thank you for the many many opportunities to speak with so many of your reporters.

Thank you to CJCD Mix 100 (Yellowknife):  Natasha, you are great as always, thank you.

Diana Vargas thank you for the great coverage on CKLB Radio, great job.

Tristan (Hub Publications) (Hay River) great article as always.

Northern News Service great candidate background information provided.

My sincere apology to any media that I have missed.

Update:  I shall be attending the Northern Premiers reception being held in Yellowknife on April 27, 2011 as well as two All Candidates Forums:  April 27 and April 28.  It will be great to visit Yellowknife again.

Animals in Canada’s Far North: Information, Links and Resources

by Bonnie Dawson

As the questions often being submitted for me to answer did not allow me to  fully address the Platform for the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada the information provided here is something which I would hope all of you will take the time to actually look at.

Please take the time to view many of these links being provided to you, and to listen to my interview with George Lessard (CBC volunteer blogger).  This information was also sent to Mr. Lessard as well and will be sent to those reporters with whom I have conducted live taped interviews which can be linked to here.

video for interview

Below you will find a great deal of the materials I have researched well and the information below more than proves the Link between Violence Against Animals and Human Violence, which ties into the reports that the NWT has the highest Rate of Violence per Capita than anywhere else in Canada;  this in turn ties into family health and wellbeing, the need for lengthier jail terms for repeat violent offenders, improved programmes to be developed and implemented to address repeat violent offenders, need for more womens shelters.  Please pay particular attention to the issues involving the domestic and child abuse relating to animal cruelty.  I have done my research very well.  I will include these links in the body of this email so you can readily access, may I suggest that you print the body of this email so that you will have a hard copy of the links for future reference.

The need for readily accessible Veterinary care will aid in curbing dog population explosions, rabies and parvo outbreaks that can be transmitted to wildlife, and help prevent dog attacks:  see CHIRP Report.  More animal shelters need to be built and run by qualified professionally trained individuals and additional animal relocation programs set up to place rescued animals outside the territories.  Qualified Animal Cruelty Investigators are needed to assist in the hands on one on one assessment of animals in crisis, so that it is not left up to the opinion of individual By-Law Officers or Legal authorities who do not have the education nor the qualifications in Animal Welfare and Care.

How an animal is treated reflects the possible abusive life within a home, we already see evidence relating to bullying in NT schools, children who perhaps are subjected to the same abuse in their own homes vent their anger and frustrations on others, their classmates and often animals.  As proven by the published research papers this often leads to future violent acts in adult years.  Animal Cruelty is recognized as a Pathological Syndrome and needs to be recognized as such in Canada and around the world…please read full article as linked from the NY Times

This link Existing Criminal Code Animal Cruelty (2) is the current Federal Criminal Code and you will find the particular Sections  whereby the animals themselves are evidence of neglect, an indictable offense under the F.C.C.

Also included are a number of pictures received from the BDRSPCA located in Inuvik.  These are only just a few. Picture from Legacy of the North is one of the two surviving Pokiak dogs in Tuk .  Linda Eccles BDRSPCA president filed an Animal Cruelty Report with RCMP, however nothing was done to help these dogs and no charges were ever laid.  The brown dog is an animal found in the region of Paulatuk, alive and literally frozen to the wooden floor of his doghouse, left chained and abandoned by owners who had moved.  The link below is from the NNSL Archives which reflect the violence against a family pet that in turn caused severe trauma to family members.

Pokiak's dogs

animal found in the region of Paulatuk

Taloyoak man jailed for ‘vicious’ attack on family pet

I do hope you will take the time…
Please note that a great deal of this material was provided to the GNWT Ministers during my battle for Animal Protection for the NWT, as well as approx. 3K petition signatures and comments which came in from the Americas and Internationally. I will continue to work towards the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act that is needed in the NT.

Sandy Lees addresses NT Legislative Assembly in 2005 for the need of Animal Protection in NWT; unfortunately she did not follow through.

February 9, 2005 – NWT Hansard (copyright Government of NWT)
Sled Dog Country

Evaluation and delivery of domestic animal health services in remote communities in the Northwest Territories: A case study of status and needs

CVJ / VOL 51 / OCTOBER 2010   Anyone interested in obtaining reprints should contact the CVMA
office: for additional copies or permission to use this material elsewhere.

CHIRP  REPORT: Injuries associated with … Non-Fatal Dog Bites

Animal Protection is most certainly about protecting the animals, usually properly cared for and well socialized animals, do not attack  unless provoked or trained to do so.  The recent number of sled dog attacks causing injury and in some cases death is preventable and alarming.

Please contact the Injury and Child Maltreatment Section, Health Surveillance and Epidemiology

Division, by PHONE at (613) 957-4689, by FAX at
(613) 941-9927 or visit our website at

a great deal of information is contained on Pet Abuse site as it related to the Link between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence and how to recognize animal cruelty
PETA Website
Peta Action alert on sled dogs


Animal Cruelty and Human Violence: The Link

Veterinary Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
Holly Nash, DVM, MS

Animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence

Government of Alberta: Animal Abuse and Family Violence

A1The following content paraphrases Alberta SPCA’s March 2002 publication Animal cruelty and family violence: A resource book for Albertans. Retrieved July 20, 2009.

The Violence Connection:  Publication put out by Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Canada

Looking Out for Family Pets

Recognizing the Connection between Animal Cruelty and Family Violence
by OWJN, October 3, 2001

The Animal Abuse-Human Violence Link

“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.” – Anthropologist Margaret Mead

EXCERPT FROM THIS LINK:  Quebec Society for the Defense of Animals

“Significantly, the connection between human-to-human violence and animal cruelty has long been recognized by progressive human and animal welfare agencies. Almost universally, child abuse in a home is accompanied by abuse to the family pet. Juvenile acts of animal cruelty are strong indicators pointing to escalating violence later in life”

Department of Justice
Understanding Family Violence and Sexual Assault in the Territories, First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples

Canadian Crime Statistics, 2007
by Mia Dauvergne

My Contact Info:

Facebook Group:
Action for the Protection of Northern Animals:  Open Group
Action for the Protection of Northern Animals:  Causes

Anyone wishing to contact me via the above contact method is welcome to do so and I will respond.

Please include in your post:

Bonnie Dawson’s Platform: Environmental and Animal Protection Issues

Bonnie’s platform for this federal election includes addressing of the following issues at the federal level.

Animal cruelty laws: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports a comprehensive animal protection laws for the North West Territories.  These laws would apply to animals kept and used in all circumstances, with no exemptions as are seen in other provincial laws.  In addition, these laws would include more serious penalties for persons convicted of animal cruelty and abuse.

The link between cruelty to animals and human violence: According to a study by the Alberta SPCA titled Animal Cruelty and Family Violence, “There’s an increasing body of studies and empirical evidence that suggest there are definite links between animal cruelty and human violence. Many studies in Canada and the U.S. have demonstrated this connection. Some of the key findings are: violent offenders frequently have histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty in their childhood and adolescence; cruelty to animals is widely recognized as a warning sign that a child may need help to prevent further violence; family pets are often targets in domestic violence, and threats of violence toward a pet are often used as a means of control by an abusive spouse; many victims of domestic violence remain in an abusive situation out of concern for the safety of their pet.” Download Family Violence PDF Book from the Alberta SPCA site.

Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports programmes that recognize, intervene and work to prevent animal abuse and family violence.

Resources for NWT residents and their animals: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports greater availability of resources for NWT residents and their animals, including more veterinary services, shelters for lost and homeless pets, and an animal care and control programme as exemplified by the current SAHTU programme which needs to be expanded.

Municipal by-laws that reflect changes under the Dog Act: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports changes to the municipal by-laws for communities across the NWT to reflect the changes in the Dog Act. Fully trained and qualified Animal Cruelty Investigators who are capable of doing complete thorough hands on assessments are very much needed.

Alberta oil sands: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports a full accounting of the costs of environment pollution by the tar sands, an end to tar sands production, the implementation of best practices to reduce energy needs and bring in environmentally sound alternatives.

NWT Wildlife Protection Act: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports a full up-to-date and new complete study which is necessary to determine the actual impact upon wildlife within the Northwest Territories, the report conducted 10 years ago on which the new Territorial Wildlife Act is to be based upon does not take into account changes in habitat, human population growth, nor the changes to migratory routes resulting from mining and exploration.  We further support clarification on all terminology used within the proposed new Wildlife Act.