Bonnie’s Platform

Bonnie’s platform for this federal election includes addressing of the following issues at the federal level.

Animal cruelty laws: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports a comprehensive animal protection laws for the North West Territories.  These laws would apply to animals kept and used in all circumstances, with no exemptions as are seen in other provincial laws.  In addition, these laws would include more serious penalties for persons convicted of animal cruelty and abuse.

The link between cruelty to animals and human violence: According to a study by the Alberta SPCA titled Animal Cruelty and Family Violence, “There’s an increasing body of studies and empirical evidence that suggest there are definite links between animal cruelty and human violence. Many studies in Canada and the U.S. have demonstrated this connection. Some of the key findings are: violent offenders frequently have histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty in their childhood and adolescence; cruelty to animals is widely recognized as a warning sign that a child may need help to prevent further violence; family pets are often targets in domestic violence, and threats of violence toward a pet are often used as a means of control by an abusive spouse; many victims of domestic violence remain in an abusive situation out of concern for the safety of their pet.” Download Family Violence PDF Book from the Alberta SPCA site.

Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports programmes that recognize, intervene and work to prevent animal abuse and family violence.

Resources for NWT residents and their animals: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports greater availability of resources for NWT residents and their animals, including more veterinary services, shelters for lost and homeless pets, and an animal care and control programme as exemplified by the current SAHTU programme which needs to be expanded.

Municipal by-laws that reflect changes under the Dog Act: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports changes to the municipal by-laws for communities across the NWT to reflect the changes in the Dog Act. Fully trained and qualified Animal Cruelty Investigators who are capable of doing complete thorough hands on assessments are very much needed.

Alberta oil sands: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports a full accounting of the costs of environment pollution by the tar sands, an end to tar sands production, the implementation of best practices to reduce energy needs and bring in environmentally sound alternatives.

NWT Wildlife Protection Act: Animal Alliance Environment Voters supports a full up-to-date and new complete study which is necessary to determine the actual impact upon wildlife within the Northwest Territories, the report conducted 10 years ago on which the new Territorial Wildlife Act is to be based upon does not take into account changes in habitat, human population growth, nor the changes to migratory routes resulting from mining and exploration.  We further support clarification on all terminology used within the proposed new Wildlife Act.


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