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Messages from the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada

Personal Message:

The AAEV is the only registered political party in Canada that can actively speak out on animal and environmental issues;  that can effectively reflect the growing concern and outrage of Canadians across Canada with the way animals are treated in this country.  

A situation that has not  been addressed by the former Canadian Government, former Prime Ministers and those prior  Members of Parliament whose salaries are dependent solely on the taxpayers of Canada.

International eyes continue to focus on the dismal and antiquated standards of animal care and protection in Canada.  Canada’s ongoing negative record continues. 

Positive change is needed, positive action needs to be taken. 

Please use your vote to support a Candidate that will take positive steps to effect strict animal and environmental protection legislation in Canada. 

AAEV Ad against Seal Hunt

 AAEV Ad on Factory Farming

About Zephr

Blogger and animal lover, activist, working for justice for animals in Canada's far north and Internationally Won three year battle with Northwest Territories Gov't for Animal Protection, first time in NWT history ... new NT Dog Act...protecting dogs...still fighting for comprehensive Animal Protection Act.... Member: Animal Alliance of Canada, Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, Animal Defense League of Canada, Northern Rep and Gov't Liaison for Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR), Member: PETA, WSPA Founder: Action for the Protection of Northern Animals Originally from Ontario, have resided in the NWT for 6 years Actively rescued domestic and wildlife all of my life Political activist for animal welfare reform. YouTube: TundraVoices Twitter: Caprio Chandra FB Group: Action for the Protection of Northern Animals Causes: Action for the Protection of Northern Animals


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