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Living with Deception: The Conservative Way

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Living with Deception: The Conservative Way

Many across this vast and beautiful land we know to be our home, Canada, have yet to witness the brutality, not only inflicted on all living creatures here through acts of Criminal neglect and cruelty, but as well through the destruction of habitat so essential to all forms of life.

Canada’s dismal record on protecting the environment is known around the world and Canada continues to ignore World Leaders who pose these criticisms against our country.  It is the people of Canada who are suffering the effects of the continued failure of our leaders to effectively address these issues and to take measures to ensure the health and quality of life Canadians have enjoyed for decades.

As evidenced in the links below:  it would appear that the primary focus is placed on the $$ sign and the millions of taxpayers hard earned cash used to continue spewing out propaganda to support the lack of action on the part of government and their support of big business.

Would you want to live in Fort Chip and expose your children to this?

First Nations pay the price for John Duncan’s lobbying scandal, Posted on March 18, 2011

PRESS RELEASE,March 18, 2011

Former Harper advisor had deal with escort for First Nations water contracts: document

Canada is well known for the extreme cruelty that remains unchecked in the Factory Farm Animal industry, how Canadian law fails to protect these animals not only in these farms but also while these animals are en route to slaughter houses across the nation.

No one wants to hear about it, or to see the documentaries and videos of evidence.  Why?  Is it because it is to painful?  Is it because one does not wish to know just how that bacon actually arrived on your breakfast plate?

Or why that tender slice of veal is so tender?  Or are there actually too many Canadians that do not care?  Hopefully that is not the case, evidently it is not the case, because more and more Canadians have chosen to do their research and are speaking out.  More and more Animal Welfare Groups are forming.

If you dare, view these videos, if you wish to learn..view these videos… Some of the videos below were produced in the US, but don’t think it cannot possibly be happening here in Canada as well.  At least the US is doing something about it?  Will Canada?????

Factory Farming: Cruelty to Animals

Downed Cow

Canada: No Country for Animals

Review: Death On A Factory Farm

Sexual Deviance and Sexual Abuse of Animals: Factory Farming’s Dirty Little Secret
No one deserves to die this way, human or animal.  Please speak out and support the call being made to our government to be far more discriminating in the way tax payer’s money is handed out.
Urge our government to carry out inspections of such pig farms to ensure safety measures are in place PRIOR to handing out their cheques!!!

No longer can Canadians continue to stick their heads in the sand.  No longer can Canadians allow their government to ignore what Canada is so highly criticized for…be it on the antiquated Federal Laws pertaining to animals in this country or the continued failure to control Greenhouse Emissions, to end the destruction of natural habitat (which includes our fresh water resources).  No longer can Canadians ignore the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted fighting the EU ban on the barbaric seal hunt, the deplorable spending of our tax dollars focused in presenting Mr. Harper’s case to the WTO in an attempt to convince them to lift the EU ban.

Canadians cannot ignore the millions wasted on the G8 Summit, money that should have been directed to improved health care, education, women’s shelters, ever increasing hydro and fuel costs, issues dealing with the needs of seniors….the list goes on and on…..remember that according to Mr. Harper himself, until the elimination of the deficit which grew and grew under his own administration all of his campaign promises will not come to fruition.  This online petition circulating is drawing thousands of signatures and is provided for information purposes.  Whether you choose to sign it is a personal choice.

Harper’s G8-Gate: Demand the Truth (petition)

Only recently the Chinese Government whom Mr Harper struck his deal with to accept Canadian Seal Products, saw the Chinese people launch their own protest against the import of these products. China is well known for human rights abuses, as well as having a deplorable international reputation for their importing of ivory, bear bladders, tiger parts, ( thereby supporting illegal poaching).  Mr Harper continues to allow Canada to import from China  dog and cat fur despite the outcry to put an end to this.  Where do you think the real fur used to make cute little puppy and kitten toys comes from.  You may be wearing dog or cat fur unknowingly on that beautiful sweater or coat.  China does not kill these animals humanely, often they are skinned alive left to suffer hours of excruciating pain before they finally succumb to shock and die.

With the Election looming over Canadian heads yet again, thanks to the Contempt of Parliament charges brought against the Harper government, one has a great deal to think about.

The future of all Canadians, not just the human population, but the populations of our diverse wildlife, of which we are so proud of is at risk.  Habitat and natural resources, our rivers, parks, lands, our quality of life is at risk, unless we speak loudly and strongly….what will be left to future generations?

Conservative strong arm tactics cannot and should not continue to be tolerated.  The post below is circulating and is for your information only:  it represents just one of the many control tactics used by Harper’s team.     

As Liz White, Leader of the AAEV has so eloquently pointed out, it is not just about the Environment and Animal Issues that the Animal Alliance Environment Voters is concerned about.  It is the Democratic Process, the ability to voice concerns, it is having an accountable, transparent and open Federal Leadership and a Leadership that will actually listen.

More and more Canadians are rallying their courage and determination to make change happen in this country.  Will you be one of them?  Others are!

We all have a choice.  Please exercise yours.

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Blogger and animal lover, activist, working for justice for animals in Canada's far north and Internationally Won three year battle with Northwest Territories Gov't for Animal Protection, first time in NWT history ... new NT Dog Act...protecting dogs...still fighting for comprehensive Animal Protection Act.... Member: Animal Alliance of Canada, Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, Animal Defense League of Canada, Northern Rep and Gov't Liaison for Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR), Member: PETA, WSPA Founder: Action for the Protection of Northern Animals Originally from Ontario, have resided in the NWT for 6 years Actively rescued domestic and wildlife all of my life Political activist for animal welfare reform. YouTube: TundraVoices Twitter: Caprio Chandra FB Group: Action for the Protection of Northern Animals Causes: Action for the Protection of Northern Animals


One thought on “Living with Deception: The Conservative Way

  1. We all have a responsibility to God and the nation to protect and defend the vulnerable which includes not only children, the homeless, the environment and all its creatures. Canada has become a nation without conscience or scruples….disrespectful of God’s commands for compassion and justice. Foster children in Ontario are sent into homes with convicted perverts at the taxpayer’s expense, our politicians blatantly steal money and treat their friends and co-horts to European jaunts, examples: Mike Harris purchased 2 U.S. planes at a cost of 100 million each so that he could fly to Palm Beach in comfort, Lt. Gov. Adrienne Clarkson when she held power spent 40 Million dollars on a trek to Europe accompanied by 90 of her friends among them Bob Rae and his wife. Ms. Clarkson bet the Russian leader 1 million on the outcome of a hockey game, she lost. She then purchased (at a cost of 1 million) old KGB files. Then she flitted over to Norway and bet another million on the outcome of a hockey, again she lost. She posted $50,000 bail for one of her party who got into a legal jam, another 100,000 was spent on a cover-up, she also purchased a $3,000 jewel-encrusted game boy to while away time during flights, and of course, there was a massive welcome home party.

    The list of crimes against the environment, the animals, the disadvantaged, the taxpayers are too long too list in this note, however, Osgoode Hall and all the people who represent the law in this province need to do an inventory of their conscience,

    Canada deserves the fate described in Scripture: (Leviticus 18:26, 28) “You must keep my decrees and my laws…..And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.”

    If you love God and this nation that He has blessed us with….we all have to come out of our indifference and do
    the work that is necessary to save Canada…..first we pray, then we roll up our sleeves and do the service Christ wants done on His behalf.

    Posted by Sharon Kennedy | November 11, 2012, 7:34 pm

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